What is sustainability?

Eco Island is the Island’s Sustainable Community Strategy. The ISP have not just created a strategy that is ‘green’ and environmental. Our strategy is about building a strong Island with vibrant and prosperous communities that can enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.

We see sustainability for the Isle of Wight as having three main strands:

Social sustainability

The Island will have a greater sense of community confidence, with more people of all ages and backgrounds getting involved in their local area. We must reduce inequalities so that people have fairer chances to improve their quality of life. We will make our neighbourhoods safer, cleaner and more vibrant. People want to be proud of the Island, their achievements and identity, tolerant of difference and respectful of what everyone has to offer.

Economic sustainability

We need more people with better education and skills, able to get more and better-paid jobs on the Island. Our children must be able to achieve their potential on-Island. This success will spread into Island businesses, encouraging young entrepreneurs, build Island jobs and wealth opportunities for all. Success will attract businesses from all over the world, because successful businesses and their employees can thrive here.

Environmental Sustainability

We want growth and an assured quality of life, but not be at the expense of the Island, or the planet. We will reduce the whole Island’s ecological footprint, with better energy efficiency in homes and workplaces and high environmental awareness in our new developments. We will introduce electric cars and reduce landfill. We will develop our own renewable energy supplies, from our surroundings. We will secure growth that delivers what we need, but sensitively. We will conserve and enhance our surroundings and care for the creatures we share the island with.

Find out why the need for a sustainable future has resulted in Eco Island by clicking here.


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"We want the Isle of Wight to become a world renowned Eco-Island, with a thriving economy, a real sense of pride and where residents and visitors enjoy healthy lives, feel safe and are treated with respect."
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