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Not every page on the site is listed here. Once you have found the page you are looking for, you will find many other links to pages and files that give more detailed information in web page and pdf formats.

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In the Home Section

 -Eco Island Home Page.   Eco Island starts from here.

 -Why Eco Island?   Why have we created Eco Island?

 -Get Involved.    What can you do to help make a more sustainable Island?

 -Useful Hints.   Practical ideas and suggestions for families and individuals who want to contribute to a sustainable future.

 -Business is Changing.   Business is playing its part in sustainable working, here are some ideas and expert links.

 -Ideas and Achievements.   Reports from the front line.

 -Contact Us.   All you need to know about contacting the Eco island team.

 -Glossary.   See some jargon that needs explaining? Try the glossary. If it’s not helping, contact us and ask.

 In the Vision section

-What is the Eco Island vision?   Find out about the big picture that is driving Eco Island.

 -Sustainability.   What do we mean by sustainability? Its not just about the environment.

 In the Values section

 -Eco Island Values.  We have agreed a way of doing things that reflects means thinking and behaving in a sustainable way in order to get things done.

 In the ISP Priorities section

-Eco Island priorities. Our priorities are set out here.   These are the big things that the Island Strategic Partnership (ISP) have agreed are the most important Eco Island considerations.

 In the Our Place section

 -Our Place.   We know more than anyone what kind of place the Island is and are best placed to discuss and decide what needs to be done to protect our future.

 -The Island’s Story.  Our story is set out here. It’s a long story but we have plenty to say about where we are.

 -Partners.    The Island has some pretty committed organisations who want to make Eco Island a success, find out more about these organisations and groups here.

 -An Inclusive Island.   The Island has always welcomed visitors. It continues to value diversity and the many differences that have created a unique place.

 In the Eco Island Action section

 -Eco Island Actions and Themes.  This plan provides a summary of how Eco Island will be implemented by the ISP and its partners.

 -Key Delivery Partnerships.   Four KDPs will work together to create the change and drive needed to make Eco Island a reality, this page summarises their responsibilities and leads to links about how these Boards will work.

 -Actions for 2008 and Beyond.   This page lists a number of headline actions selected from the many commitments made as part of the partnership’s Eco island programme. The page links to a full list of the many public commitments made by the ISP Partners and others.

 -Our Local Area Agreement.   Our new Local Area Agreement (LAA) from 2008 is based on the objectives of the Eco Island strategy. This section has a number of pages that explain what the agreement is, what it contains and how well we are doing.

 -The Island Plan.   A new spatial plan is being developed for the Island, This will determine our approach to planning and development for many years to come. This page describes what is going on.

 -Eco Island Events.   Find out what events we are planning and what we have done so far.

-Case Studies and Learning - Building our Knowledge.   Eco Island is building relationships and a body of local case studies. Eco Island will continue to develop our knowledge of sustainable development options.

 The ISP section

 -A Partnership for the Island.   This page describes the ISP and links to more information about the partnership and its activities.

 -How the ISP works.   This page describes how the ISP is run and how it is governed, with links to more ISP information.

 -ISP Meeting Minutes and Agendas. This page posts agendas and papers for meetings as well as providing an archive of ISP meetings.

 In the Invest section

 -Business Investment in Eco Island.   Investing on the Island could be a good decision, find out more here.

 In the Seeing Change section

 -Eco Island will Change Us.   Find out more about how to see the changes that Eco Island is inspiring.

 -Information about Eco Island.   We have summarised some of the information and evidence that has influenced the development of Eco Island, look for it here.

 -The Island Observatory.   Here you will find our growing online directory of information about the many area, communities, towns and parishes that make up the Island. Find out more here.

-Climate Change. This section contains information about Climate Change, its effect on the Isle of Wight and lifestyles.


On every Page we have tried to put links to contact information and our glossary.

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"We want the Isle of Wight to become a world renowned Eco-Island, with a thriving economy, a real sense of pride and where residents and visitors enjoy healthy lives, feel safe and are treated with respect."
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