What is the LAA?


 "LAAs are about building the sort of place people want to live in"



Our LAA, signed off with the government in June 2008, is an agreement between the Island Strategic Partnership (ISP) and the Government, about what the most important improvements to life on the Island are and how they will be made from 2008-2011.

Every place in England has an LAA. It is an important part of the Government’s vision for improving the way local priorities are addressed across the country. It combines the government’s national standards and priorities with the vision and priorities of local places. 

The improvements in our LAA all support Eco Island, our Sustainable Community Strategy, and have been developed across Eco Island’s four themes.


A Thriving Island

A Healthy & Supportive Island

A Safe and well kept Island

An Inspiring Island


From these themes, a set of 15 key priorities or ‘drivers’ have been agreed as vital to achieving the outcomes of each theme. In support of these priorities are a number of indicators that we can measure. These indicators have been selected from the Government's National Indicator Set (NIS), which has 198 indicators that the government asks all areas in England to report on.


Although we must report on outcomes for all 198 NIS indicators, the ISP has agreed that a small number of these indicators will be good measures of how well we are moving toward our Eco Island goals. Our LAA is therefore made up of these selected measures for which we have agreed very challenging targets for change with government departments, underpinned by programmes of action here on the Island.


Click here to find out more about what the agreed measures and targets are.


There are potential rewards for doing well with our LAA arrangement. The government proposes that at the successful conclusion of the LAA in March 2011, financial rewards will be paid to the Island linked to the level of performance we have achieved against the targets set for the 35 ‘designated’ indicators. These rewards are intended to act as an incentive for both the local authority and its partners to the performance achieved.



How does our LAA work?


The LAA is agreed between the ISP and the Government, but every area needs an Accountable Body to be responsible for making the LAA happen. On the Isle of Wight, the IW Council is the Accountable Body. The Council has responsibility for delivering all of the LAA promises and involvement in delivering a great percentage of the actions required by the LAA. The Council will work closely with the organisations of the ISP and any other organisation that can help deliver our LAA promises.


The LAA is intended to encourage more effective joint working between people and organisations. The Council and its partners in the private and the voluntary and community sectors will be working closely with a range of public bodies including the Isle of Wight NHS; Hampshire Constabulary; National Probation Service; Learning and Skills Council and Job Centre Plus.


With the introduction of the 2008 LAA, the rules have been relaxed on how the ISP uses a number of the government grants that the Island’s public sector receives.  In most cases these will have gone into a new Area Based Grant’ (ABG).  This means it will now be possible to use all of the total non-ring fenced funding within the ABG to support delivery of local, regional and national priorities, including the achievement of our LAA targets.


This Island’s Local Area Agreement has been developed and is now being operated in partnership and is intended to realise our vision and demonstrate real improvements to the future lives of all Islanders.



For more information about the Island’s LAA, click here to check out the LAA FAQs


or contact: Andrea Lisseter, LAA/Corporate Performance Officer Tel.



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