Eco Island's 'Local Area Agreement'


Welcome to the Local Area Agreement (LAA) pages of the Eco Island website.


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Here, you will find out what the Local Area Agreement is and how it is working to help us reach our Eco Island goals. 

How does it fit with Eco Island?

Eco Island, our Sustainable Community Strategy, has set out four key Eco Island  themes. From these themes, a set of 15 key Eco Island priorities have been established, seen as significant to achieving the outcome each theme describes.

The LAA supports Eco Island by setting out  targets and actions agreed with the government as the best possible measures of how well the Island is doing in pursuit of its Eco Island ambitions. These Indicators give a strong focus to the Island Strategic Partnership's ambitions; they will help to drive improvement and the delivery of a sustainable community.

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or contact: Andrea Lisseter, LAA/Corporate Performance Officer Tel.



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