Headline Actions for 2008-10 and beyond

The ISP has identified a number of headline Eco Island actions and targets that will be delivered by the Key Delivery Partnerships.

A longer list of 2008 onward Eco Island actions and commitments can be seen by clicking here.

Key Delivery Partnerships will provide information about their performance to the Island Strategic Partnership. This will be done very three months. The performance information will be posted on this site. For information on how performance will be measured and reported, click here.


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Thriving Island

A new Gasification plant, converting waste to energy, to open June 2008

Sir Terry Farrell the new design champion for the Island, to create a low-carbon design manifesto for the future.

Three new local nature reserves delivered by Natural England together with local communities across the Island by 2010

A Council and PCT green transport plan by April 2010

Five projects demonstrating sustainable living in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Three new renewable energy systems in community buildings across the Island

Use of planning powers to generate sustainable development across the Island, through the Island Plan.


In addition the Partnership has a target of developing new sectors of employment, creating a centre of excellence in renewable energies with a target of 65 Mw energy production capacity by 2015.

Healthy and Supportive Island


£500,000 towards insulating up to 1500 homes.

Every Town and Parish will have a health trainer to support community programmes to provide advice and support for weight management and healthy active lifestyles.


Establish LINKs advocacy scheme to represent patient views in the delivery of care services.


Bring up to180 empty homes back into use.


Generate up to 340 affordable homes.


Encourage 22,000 more people to use leisure centres.


In addition, a 20% reduction in preventable deaths from tobacco, through the uptake of healthy active lifestyles by 2020.

Safer and Well Kept Island


£1.75m for Island roads, making routes safer

3 new 'no cold-calling  zones', to tackle doorstep crime

“Lights On” crime prevention advice to over 3,000 Island households, using lo-energy lighting

“Island Safe” initiative – the Handy-person scheme making homes safer for 1000 vulnerable residents

CCTV rolled-out to Cowes, Shanklin and Ventnor

1000 “SmartWater” security marking kits for vulnerable residents

Roll out One Million Blooms to 3 showcase areas and 20 community-led areas.


In addition, Eco Island also has a long term target that by 2020 the Island’s infrastructure will be renewed to highest ecological standards.

Inspiring Island


Start work on new carbon-neutral high school in Cowes

Reduce teenage pregnancies

Make sure all children have opportunities for jobs or training when they leave school

4 “PURE” drug-free events for 800 young people

Get 120 young people back in school from exclusions

Establish a new “children in care” council by Sept 08


In addition, The ISP has a target that will result in a majority of Island children and Young People will make better than average progress in school and achieve results at 16 that place the Isle of Wight in the top 10% nationally, by 2020.


If you would like to comment on Eco Island or would like more information, please email or visit the Eco Island contacts page.

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