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To help the  ISP and its Partnership Boards to understand how things are progressing towards our LAA targets and Eco Island objectives, each measure owner provides them with a regular update, usually quarterly, on the activities around their LAA indicator and measure. They have an opportunity to highlight what is planned or proposed together with any issues or problems that are being encountered. Most of the measures included in the Island’s LAA they have targets that are based on annual performance results.


The Isle of Wight Council’s Performance Management system (CorVu) is being used to collate these performance updates, and will also be used to produce the various reports that will form the basis of the feedback and information given to those various groups that need it.


At regular quarterly intervals throughout the life of the LAA, this information will be reported to the four ISP Partnership Boards and then to the ISP Board itself.


The ISP Partnership Boards will also supplement the performance information with Action Plans that help to identify any issues arising, actions to be taken and the associated use of funding and resources.


These quarterly reports to the ISP will be available via this web site. Click here to see the most recent report from November 2008 onwards.


The ISP holds overall responsibility for the LAA and the performance achieved. Where it is felt there are issues to do with the progress being made, they can challenge the Partnership Boards to try and resolve these.  This extends to advising on the use of the available resources.


In turn the ISP can also be challenged where there are issues over the performance given for the LAA, in this case by the IW Council’s Scrutiny Committee.


For a number of the indicators included in the Island’s LAA, surveys will be used.  Island resident’s views about the Island and the areas in which they live will be the subject of a ‘Place Survey’ every two years. This means two surveys during the life of the LAA, the first being in the autumn of 2008.  These will look at the resident’s experiences of living on the Island, asking questions about whether people feel safe, healthy and engaged in their local community.  The results should make it clearer how the Island is seen as a place to live.  


Progress achieved through the LAA now forms a part of the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), replacing the Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA).  This is an external and independent check on how public services on the Island are working.The CAA will look more at outcomes and life for residents than the existing CPA.


CAA will be introduced by the Government across England from April 2009 and bring together the Audit Commission and six other public inspectorates: Ofsted; Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI); Healthcare Commission; HM Inspectorate of Constabulary; HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons.



For more information about the Island’s LAA, click here to check out the LAA FAQs


or contact: Andrea Lisseter, LAA/Corporate Performance Officer ( ) Tel.



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