Eco Island events

Eco Island will inspire and support a number of events that will inform and involve residents, visitors, communities and businesses.  Information about these events will be posted here; keep checking back.

Eco Island goes mobile

We now have the equipment to attend shows and events on the Island.  If you are holding an event that you think Eco Island should be represented at, contact us at  .  We will get back to you about whether or not we can attend as soon as possible.

Big Green Picnic

In addition to the annual Eco Island conference, we held a community event, titled the Big Green Picnic which explained what Eco Island means for Island residents – and what they could do to improve the Island’s future.

The Big Green Picnic, held on the 24-26 May 2008 in Newport, gave the public opportunities to see how everyone could make a commitment to change and, by making those changes, make a big difference to the sustainability of the whole Island.

The Big Green Picnic was a fun way of showing how everyone has a role to play, with entertainment and displays focusing on renewable energies, recycling, energy and water efficiency and looking after our local neighbourhoods.  The Big Green Picnic celebrated the Island’s natural opportunities and introduced new lifestyle choices to residents.

Manager Conference

The Eco Island vision will be delivered by many hard working public sector managers in the Police, the Health Service and the Isle of Wight Council.  It will include a great deal of new thinking and working across organisations, including the Island's voluntary and community sector.

The Island Strategic Partnership (ISP) organised a one-day conference for these managers to meet, many for the first time.  Linda Krywald, the Audit Commission's Lead for CAA for the South East, was a key note speaker introducing the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA).  The day was opened by the Leader of the Council, Councillor David Pugh, chair of the ISP.  Other key speakers were the Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Council, Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Rural Community Council, Inspector for the Police and interim Chief Executive of Island NHS.

The conferences brought together 150 front-line managers, giving them the opportunity to discover what Eco Island means for them and their services.  They were also invited to pull together examples of good practice, in terms of the high quality partnerships in which they play an important part.  This conference was funded by Progress through Partnership and the full ISP Managers' Conference presentation is available here.

Eco Island Conference

The Eco Island Strategy was launched at a conference on 26 March 2008, key note speakers details and programme available here.  This conference welcomed over 250 community leaders from the Island, to hear from a range of inspirational and internationally-famous key note speakers on how the future of the Isle of Wight will focus on the theme of sustainability. The conference also welcomed over 250 business leaders from the Island and the rest of the UK, focusing on how to engage business investment in encouraging energy efficiency and environmental awareness.

This event placed the Isle of Wight on the world map, in terms of inward investment and renewable technology innovation.  A Prospectus for hi-tech investors was produced at the Conference and can be downloaded here or via email at .

If you would like to comment on Eco Island or would like more information, please email or visit the Eco Island Conference contacts page.

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