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Eco Island actions and themes

Eco Island will make a difference

By 2020:

  • The Isle of Wight will have the lowest Carbon footprint in England.
  • The development of new sectors of employment, creating a centre of excellence in renewable energies and generating capacity of over 100Mw of electricity by 2020.
  • A 20 per cent reduction in preventable deaths from tobacco, through the uptake of healthy active lifestyles.
  • The Island’s infrastructure will be renewed to the highest ecological standards.
  • The majority of Island children and young people will make better than average progress in schools and achieve results at 16 that place the Isle of Wight in the top 10 per cent nationally.
  • The ISP is also hoping to announce major investment and commercial agreements with leading academic institutions that will make the Island a centre for sustainable development research and development in an existing and thriving real-life community. This section of Eco Island will be updated to reflect these schemes and the global impact that our Eco Island will have.


Headline Eco Island targets and links to many more actions and commitments made by the ISP partners can be seen by clicking here.


Eco Island themes

The ambitions of Eco Island fall into four themes for action. They are:

  • Thriving Island with new golf store and golfing green area
  • Healthy and supportive Island
  • Safe and well kept Island
  • Inspiring Island.

These themes are described in more detail here

Key Delivery Partnerships

For the Island Strategic Partnership, making Eco Island happen is the responsibility of four Key Delivery Partnerships (KDP). These partnership bodies will work together to deliver Eco Island. This is where partnership will work to deliver sustainable communities and change.

Click here to find out more about the KDPs and their action plans.

The structure and working of the ISP is explained here

Key Delivery Partnerships will provide information about their performance to the Island Strategic Partnership. This will be done very three months and reports will be posted here on this website. Information about how we will see the difference can be found by clicking here.

Local Area Agreement

One of the ways in which the ISP will work to achieve Eco Island is through a set of agreements with the government on how key priorities will be achieved. Building on previous agreements, a new Local Area Agreement, being implemented during 2008, will be used to measure of how well the Eco Island Sustainable Community Strategy, and our local partnerships are working toward achieving our aims. Information about the 2008 Local Area Agreement between the Island and the government on measuring change is available here.

The Island Plan, our Local Development Framework

During 2008 and 2009, a new spatial plan for the Island is being developed. This will have an important influence on how Eco Island is realised. This new plan replaces the existing Unitary Development Plan and will be called the Island Plan. It will have a major influence on the future development of the Island, its businesses, homes and environment. More information about the new Island Plan and how it is being prepared is available here.

Eco Island Events

A number of events are being planned, that will give people, businesses and organisations an opportunity to get involved and help to develop an Eco Island. We have created a section of this Eco Island website where future events will be publicised and the details of past events made available. Click here for details.

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