Partners in Eco Island


The Island Strategic Partnership (ISP) is the Local Strategic Partnership for the Isle of Wight. The partnership will work together to deliver the changes needed to deliver Eco island.



The ISP will be “place-shaping”. This is the responsibility of local government and partners in the public, voluntary and business sectors. It means joining local communities and leadership to influence the development of attractive, prosperous, vibrant, safe and strong communities where people want to live, work and do business.

This is a sustainable vision captured by the Eco Island approach.

Working in partnership


Local Strategic Partnerships are non-statutory, multi-agency partnerships, which match local authority boundaries. Partnerships bring together at a local level the different parts of the public, private, community and voluntary sectors; allowing different initiatives and services to plan and align their services and resources in order to act more effectively.


By combining our efforts, the partnership and the community, working co-operatively together, will have a far greater chance of success. To achieve these improvements, the Government, the Council, the business sector and voluntary and community organisations on the Island will work together to change the ways they work, consider and re-allocate resources and 'bend' their mainstream programmes to tackle issues that really matter to local people.


As the major democratically accountable partner, the Isle of Wight Council takes the lead role in the ISP and is accountable for the success of Eco Island and the various programmes such as the Local Area Agreement that will deliver it.

The partners and Eco Island.


The ISP has links and connections with many organisations. Click on the following links to get more information about how these organisations see their relationship with each other and Eco Island:


The Isle of Wight Council  

The Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust  

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police  

Isle of Wight College

Job Centre Plus  

The Isle of Wight Rural Community Council  

The Environment Forum  

Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Industry

South East England Development Agency

Learning and Skills Council  

More information about the Island Strategic Partnership can be found by clicking here  

Help us to promote Eco Island activity.

There are a significant number of local and national environmental organisations working on the Isle of Wight, promoting and working for environmental and social sustainability. The work of only a few organisations concerned with sustainably is listed above.

The Eco Island website will be developing a significant section that will focus on environmental action by partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors. If you think your organisation's work should be added to the Eco Island website, please contact .

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