Eco Island; a place we know and understand


Eco Island is the strategy which will shape the future of the Isle of Wight until at least 2020. It will affect everyone who lives, or works on, visits or invests in the Island.


It is also full of challenges for all of us – everyone has their part to play in making the Isle of Wight the cleanest, “greenest” and most successful place it can be. You can find out how people, families and businesses can get involved here.


The Island Strategic Partnership (ISP) is bringing together the organisations and local people needed to create a sustainable future for the Isle of Wight. The ISP has agreed that the future must embrace a move to greater sustainability.


The Island is a unique and distinctive place with its own needs and aspirations. Our strategy and approach to building a sustainable future is a unique strategy for a unique Island. Eco Island is a plan for lasting and worthwhile economic, social and environmental development.

Influencing the future


The Island needs to develop its economy and build local communities and services that will meet our needs without draining or damaging our economic, environmental and social resources. We want to develop and share prosperity, opportunity and safety in a way that responds to the global economic and ecological forces that will increasingly affect our Island. This will involve encouraging sustainable enterprise, using planning policies that help our towns and villages thrive, and helping communities to feel safe and skilled enough to enjoy their environment and opportunities.


The ISP has been planning for the future and has a number of actions already planned for the first year of Eco Island. More information about these changes to the Island can be found by clicking here.


The story of our place

While the Island shares many economic and social features with its neighbour areas in the South East of England, our distinctive location and environment has influenced the history and quality of life and opportunities of Island residents, visitors and enterprise. It now influences our future. We have considered what kind of place the Isle of Wight is and have developed a story that helps us to understand where we are and what needs to be changed. You can read and comment on our story of place by clicking here.

Partners for progress


The ISP brings together organisations that ‘can do’ the things that will help us to fulfil our vision. This includes the Council, the NHS, the Police, Isle of Wight College, the Rural Community Council, the Environment Forum and many more. The partners have a great deal of knowledge about the Island and have a significant part to play in delivering Eco Island to residents, visitors and business. You can find out more about the partners and their contribution to Eco Island by clicking here.

In order to make changes, the ISP has listened to what Island people and businesses have said and wish about our future. This has resulted in a number of very important plans and strategies from influential organisations that will shape the Island’s future. New and future strategic and plans will incorporate the Eco Island vision and our Island priorities. We have collected together some of the key strategies for the Island and will continue to add them as Eco Island develops. You can find them on this website by clicking here.

The Isle of Wight Council is required by Government to take a lead in ensuring that Eco Island is delivered. The Council will play a major part in ensuring that the ISP delivers in the four themes of Eco Island. The Council’s Service Plans set out the work of Council Directorates in support of Eco Island, Summaries of these plans can be seen by clicking here.




The Eco island vision is an inclusive future in which all of the people of the Island will benefit. Valuing the talents, enterprise and inspiration of all Island residents and visitors will provide the best possible future.

If you would like to contribute to Eco Island, or would like more information, pleas email or visit the Eco Island contacts page.