An Inclusive Island


The Island Strategic Partnership is committed to an Eco Island that is a truly inclusive place. The partners will ensure that the Isle of Wight embraces an increasing diversity within its communities and that it deals with the challenges that this brings. Each of the partners has committed themselves to the future with a commitment to valuing equally all people and neighbourhoods and to raising the aspirations for all island residents.


The ISP celebrates diversity and will support our communities to enable people to reach their potential. This will mean developing new links with minority and sometimes socially excluded communities.


Eco Island will improve the quality of life for everyone regardless of race, origin, gender, culture, belief, age and disability. A sustainable Eco Island will be built on and be a place in which people thrive in work, leisure, health, cultural and spiritual well-being, in a place famous for its environment and desire to be a world class, world renowned place to live.


Eco Island and the ISP gives leadership to change we can all agree on. Along the way, we will deliver social, economic and environmental well-being and eliminate discrimination. Eco Island will be sustainable and accessible to all. Eco Island ensures that everyone has the opportunity to lead their lives the way they want, feel part of the community and can influence decision-making that affects their lives.



Information about the key role of public sector organisations in inclusion can be found at The Equality and Human Rights Commission is also a useful resource for all Citizens and Employers on how inclusive futures can be developed and sustained.




All ISP partners are committed to equality and an inclusive future. If you would like to know more about what the partners are doing about ensuring this, or you would like to take a more active role in helping Eco Island be as inclusive as it needs to be, please email