Ideas and achievements.

Beginning in November with the first public Eco island Consultation, it became clear that people who support the sustainable approach had ideas about what can be done and a wish to share achievements.

A selection of comments is attached below. All contacts have been responded to and some have been followed up for further action. Good or popular suggestions and comments made through this website will be added.

Also check out some Island community action case studies by clicking here.

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There is not really any alternative to being sustainable. The Island's roads need fixing; my neighbours are terrified of crime despite it being negligible to where I came from; young people with get up and go want to leave as soon as they can. We must make the Island an attractive place to live in and pulling the environment, social life and our economy together is the only way to do it. Don't let us down or we can't do our bit.


With food miles being a major contributor to green house gas problems and the need to maintain island work forces in rural areas please support Island farming (not farming for tourism but real farming to meet local food needs. Bringing milk from the north or from Europe is a green house disaster but dairy farms on the Island have dropped from over 200 in 1980 to less than 20 today. G.C.

1. Set up an Eco island design review panel to include professionals and non- professionals who are passionate about the development of the island. 2. Appoint an Eco Island design champion to raise profile of design issues and raise the bar in sustainability and quality of design. 3. Engage in real community consultation/engagement.  S.T.

The roads are deteriorating rapidly most particularly in the West Wight, more of us incur damage to our cars, more of us will have accidents and there is already a noticeable increase in 4 x 4 vehicles on the roads. Best wishes and sincere good luck wishes for your project.  J.P.

My own view is that the IoW needs a Unique Selling Point and that the Eco Island idea is an excellent one that could give it that USP. More and more people want to experience outdoor, healthy holidays and lifestyles - often the people with the money to do so - so there is a market to tap into…….…I just want it (Eco Island) to be real and not spin. I look forward to seeing developments on the ground and changing my life, and those of my fellow islanders, for the better.  W.A.

Having attended the very informative Schools Reorganisation Information Meeting this morning……I was surprised to see that even after the recent media attention, bottles of Evian were placed on the 'top table'. As the council is striving towards an environmentally friendly, self sustained Island I would have thought at the very least, that they would be using the Island's own bottled water and even better; a jug of good old tap water. Why waste valuable resources when we are lucky enough to have access to a good, clean and plentiful supply straight from the tap?  L.R.

I notice that the Island council has signed the Nottingham Declaration and has a 15 year plan to reduce it’s carbon footprint. I would very much like to see the Carbon Management Strategy in further detail. I also wanted to ask if the council will be adopting “decentralised energy” or has a district heating schemes in place such as Manchester, Eastliegh, Southampton, Woking and Birmingham all have. If so, are these being included in new developments such as the Pan Estate development?  L.W.

……… turn redundant school buildings into community facilities recycling the playgrounds for use by older people during the day and young people in the evening. For example a whole range of age inclusive/cross generation skills sharing courses or pastimes/hobbies needing space could also be pursued at such sites e.g road safety skills refresher courses or electric model car racing.  P.H.

Why not offer ratepayers rebates if they have composters ?  E.O.

One of my main concerns living on the island is the amount of cars we have on our roads…………Just this week in the County Press there was an article on traffic congestion in Newport due to a lorry being stuck. There was another article about coach spaces being used at Coppin's Bridge car park, because there is not enough parking available. The island roads and towns do not cope well with the amount of cars we have now, how will it all be managed in the future if we keep allowing building to continue?  S.R.

We often have to change batteries in our TV/Video controls, and some other items which do not take rechargeable batteries or when the rechargeable ones are worn out. Usually we put them in the bin - but since visiting relatives in France we have discovered that they can put their used small batteries in a bin at the entrance of their supermarket for 'proper' disposal - though they are not sure what this actually means. ……Could you advise if a] is it ok to put small batteries in the bin for our weekly collection or b] is there somewhere else we can take them for 'safe' disposal.  M.B.

Whilst waiting in a queue to dispose of some rubbish (recycle and sustainably dispose of unwanted goods) at the Lynbottom waste tip I realised just how many people and cars etc use the site. I would be willing to pay a small amount of money to dispose of these goods, say 50p to £1……if the money raised went towards some sustainable use- such as a community project to plant more tress, or some energy saving thing within waste disposal.  A.B.

I know that, as individuals, some Islanders are endeavouring to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags they use. Perhaps…….we could encourage residents and businesses to use environmentally friendly shopping bags – would there be any funding available to produce some bags for Islanders to buy which were both eco-friendly and could advertise the Eco Island campaign through using the logo on the bags?  D.B.

Could money be made available to help the island's schools install solar panels or wind turbines?  L.R.

We are very interested in your plans for a green Isle of Wight and would like to be involved in making this a reality. The following list of suggestions.............. represent some of our ideas (edited by Eco Island for space).
1) Make the whole island a polythene bag-free zone...
2) Encourage more doorstep recycling. Reward those who use the boxes with a prize of some sort. 
3) .......what does and does not decompose rapidly in landfill sites? Put information in the CP
4) Give hotels incentives to recycle their waste.
5) Allow people to put more things e.g. tins, cardboard in the recycling boxes.
6) Get supermarkets to have boxes for collecting used batteries...
7) Supply one free long-life light bulb per household. Tell people this can save them £10 per year....
8) Tarmac more of the cycle tracks so they can be used all year round and not just by mountain-bikers.
9) Build an offshore wind farm....
10) Give each household a SIMPLE, CLEAR factsheet: 10 ways you can help to Green the Wight.
11) Get young people involved, right from the start's their future that's at stake.
12) Organise some events that will get communities involved eg a car-free day, litter clearance day.
13) Get local town councils to compete with green ideas and award prizes.
....................... Lots of us want to be more green and we need to feel included.

J H and L HHave you heard of ****, environmental friendly cleaning, uses no chemicals, works using fibre technology, I have been very happy with this since June and have bought no bleach, kitchen cleaner, polish since then. Health wise and environmental this is fantastic.



If you have any ideas or comments for the Island's Strategic Partnership, or would like to report some achievements that support Eco Island, please email us at  You can also find out how else to contact us by clicking here

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