The Island Strategic Partnership

Delivering the Eco Island Vision

Everyone can do something to make the Eco Island vision a reality, whether it is influencing public services, getting involved in the local community, learning new work skills or recycling more. Click here  for ideas about how individual, families and businesses can contribute.

Eco Island is for everyone who lives, invests, works on or visits the Isle of Wight. It's an exciting plan for change that needs everyone pulling together to make it happen.

Public and representative organisations have a particular responsibility to lead and inspire. In particular, this means a focus on the Island's council, the health and police authorities, the 1800 or so voluntary and community organisations on the Island, plus the Island's diverse business community.

A Partnership for the Island

The Eco Island effort will be co-ordinated by the Island Strategic Partnership. This is a representative group of leading Island organisations. The projects and changes that Eco Island will deliver have been developed by the different partner organisations who want to reflect the needs and views of residents, visitors and businesses. The partners have shared their thinking, their planning, their decision-making and their budgets to make things happen. To find out more about the Island Strategic Partnership and its members, click here.

The ISP is responsible for making sure that the Eco Island Strategy becomes reality by 2020. So, the ISP will have to be able to show that, by putting Eco Island into practice, it has improved the Island’s wealth and wellbeing. That means it needs to be able to prove specific successes have been achieved. It will do this through the Eco Island action plans and commitments which can be found by clicking here.

You can find the Constitution and information about the ISP's Partnership Boards by clicking here.


If you would like to comment on Eco or would like more information, please email or visit the Eco Island contacts page.

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