An Island Approach to Partnership and the Commissioning of the Voluntary and Community Sector

This web-page is a public home for tools, resources and materials developed as part of new arrangements for grant-making and partnership building by the Isle of Wight Council and its partners.


The Island Strategic Partnership members have agreed a strategy for ensuring a thriving voluntary and community sector. The Isle of Wight Council has also committed to delivering a greater proportion of its local services through local groups and organisations.

Changes in public services often originate in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, so we want to open the way for grant funded organisations to inspire and deliver innovation and imagination in commissioning and delivering local services.

A local legacy of sometimes challenging relationships between the public and civil sectors over funding issues resulted from a perceived lack of transparency about funding decisions and some examples of poor engagement between partners. Our new funding and partnership arrangements are intended to deal with these problems.

New Ways of Doing Things

A competitive grant making process, the Prospectus, lies at the heart of current developments, but there are other changes taking place as well.

The Council and its commissioning partners want to become better partners. Our commissioning protocols that set out what funded partners should expect of the Council.

All of our standards and guides are available further down this page in the 'Policy Documents and Guides' section of the Library of Resources.

Apart from our competitive Prospectuses, the Council has also been piloting new ways of funding local public services. For example, a rural Participatory Budget scheme has been tried on the Island, find out more about it by clicking here. 

Grant Making Through Prospectuses and  ReSource

The Island's public and voluntary sectors have worked together to jointly develop a new approach to commissioning services. While based on a model pioneered in the City of Birmingham, our approach is a local response to local needs.

Our public sector commissioning Prospectuses and ReSource now replace all of our previous grant-making arrangements. 

Prospectuses invite bids from voluntary organisations to deliver sustainable commissioning outcomes. The process rewards innovation and enables partnership between bidding organisations, as well as stimulating new thinking and creativity. Prospectuses also take into account the primary focus of many civil sector organisations on providing services, rather than competition.

Prospectuses give public commissioners new opportunities to direct mainstream public funding safely into grant funded services, as an alternative to direct provision or tendering for contracts.

ReSource is the same as Prospectus, but as well as inviting not for profit organisations to bid, it also invites small businesses who could make effective use of a grant.

Launched in June 2009, Prospectuses (and ReSource from Summer 2010) are re-shaping funding and working relationships, with greater compliance to our Local Compact.

This means for example that grants should normally be for a minimum of three years, with accessible funding agreements that have proportionate performance and reporting arrangements. Prospectuses and ReSource also invite full-cost recovery and where needed, arrangements for payment in advance.

Prospectuses and ReSource are part of a wider commitment by the Isle of Wight Council and its partners to commissioning based on outcomes.

To see what Prospectuses and ReSource are currently available, visit our Prospectus promotion page by clicking here.

Library of Resources

A record of key documents and tools, together with the most up to date information about what we are doing, appears here.

If you would like any further information or would like to express your views to the public or third sector partners in this pilot scheme, please contact

A Glossary of terms used here is available by clicking here.

Policy Documents and Guides

The Island Strategic Partnership's (ISP) Strategy for Ensuring the Environment for a Thriving Third Sector (April 2009)

A summary of the ISP's strategy, prepared for third sector organisations and groups (May 2009) 

The Isle of Wight Local Compact 2005 

Sustainable Commissioning Protocols, Ensuring Effective Arrangements for Third Sector Procurement. (A working draft, Oct 2009)

A Pilot Decision Making Tool for Commissioners (Sept 2009); When to commission from the third sector

Pilot Guidance for Commissioners on Intelligent Monitoring of Third Sector Performance (Sept 2009)

Isle of Wight Community Asset Transfer process. A 'How to' Guide for applicants. (Feb 2010)

Guide to The Council's Partnership Standards - A Guide for Council Managers setting up or managing partnerships with other public or third sector organisations (Updated September 2010).

Coming In Autumn/Winter 2010

: An Isle of Wight Decision Support Tool for Commissioners: VAT and the Grant-making process.

Audit Commission Notable Case Study - Birmingham - 2008

NCVO Public Service Delivery Case Study - Birmingham - 2008

Presentations (periodically updated)

If asked for a password, open as ('read-only')

Grant Making on the Isle of Wight (June 2010)

Making the Case for a Grant - An independent Learning Disability Partnership Board (April 2010)

Presentation to NAVCA workshop, Outcome-Based Grants and Contracting (April 2010)

Presentation on the Isle of Wight Voluntary Sector Strategy (May 2009)

Presentation on Isle of Wight Commissioning and the Pilot Grant Funding Process (May 2009)

Example Commissioning Prospectuses and ReSource

For current Prospectuses, click here to visit the Prospectus homepage

Sample - Isle of Wight Primary Care Trust - Employment Support for People with Mental Health Problems - Prospectus 2010

Sample - Isle of Wight - Community and Family Learning Prospectus 2009

Sample - Isle of Wight - Adult Social Care Prospectus 2010: Pilot Advice, Information & Guidance Service

Sample - Isle of Wight Community and Family Learning ReSource 2010-2011

The Small Print - A Guide to making a Prospectus or ReSource Bid

The Small Print -This guide should be read in conjunction with any Prospectus or ReSource published after August 2010

Application Forms for bids for grant funding (Check your Prospectus to see which application form to use)

Please Note: Application forms are Microsoft Word Documents, and are supplied on request. The forms can be completed on a computer, or handwritten. These .pdf samples are provided to give an impression of the application process.

A number of variations of ther application form have been created for different types of Prospectus.

Isle of Wight - Small Grant application form (updated June 2011)

Isle of Wight - Standard Grant application form (Updated June 2011)

Equalities Impact assessment (updated as required)

Isle of Wight - Equalities Impact assessment (June 2009)

Appraisal Process Tools and Documents

Isle of Wight - Terms of Reference and Process for Appraisal Panels (Isle of Wight) ...  Last updated Sept 2010.

Isle of Wight - Appraisal Form for Small Grant Applications

Isle of Wight - Appraisal Form for Standard Grant Applications

Isle of Wight - Declaration of Conflict of Interest (Isle of Wight) - a working draft

Funding Agreements

Isle of Wight - Anonymised Funding Agreement for infrastructure funding (view as an example)

Isle of Wight - Anonymised Funding Agreement for funding a service (view as an example)


The Prospectus grant-making scheme is an opportunity to develop a sustainable approach to partnership across all communities and interests, all views are welcome. So please contact with any views or comments that you have about our arrangements or any of the tools and documents that you find here.  



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