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This page will hold current and previous grant-making prospectuses.

For more information about our grant-funding arrangements and how they are developing, visit our grant-making resource page by clicking here.


Current Prospectuses

A Public Health Service Prospectus:

Adult Community Weight Loss Management Services 2011– 2012

The Island’s Public Health Service needs partner organisations who can help deliver an important outcome in return for grant funding.

Obesity is associated with some of the most prevalent diseases of modern society. Excess weight puts people at risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and causes of cancer. In return for grant funding, we want adults who are overweight (BMI>25 to BMI <39) to be supported to achieve weight loss through accessible programmes that are free or low cost to participants.

The total funding available is £30,000 which may be awarded to one or more partner organisations. This funding is to be used within 12 months of an award being made.

To find out more, click here to get a copy of the grant making Prospectus . This will tell you what the grant can be used for, the criteria for funding, who at the Public Health Service you can discuss your ideas with and how to apply.

The closing date for applications is 14/10/11.


An Isle of Wight Council Prospectus:

Adult and Community Learning 2011

This Prospectus, issued by the Council's Adult Learning Service, invites bids for grant funding from voluntary and community organisations, as well as enterprises of all types. Grants will be awarded to bids that can help the Council deliver Adult Learning activities. The Prospectus sets out the outcomes that the Council will ask providers to deliver in exchange for funding.

To download a copy of the Prospectus, click here.

The Closing Date for applications was the 29th of July 2011. The grant allocation panel will allocate funding to successful bidders during August and September.

Twenty bids totalling almost £100,000 were recieved from voluntary organisations, social enterprises and local small businesses. The bids range in value from £300 to over £13,000.


Recently Concluded Prospectuses

ReSource: Safe Beaches 2011-14

ReSource is an invitation to local groups, organisations and enterprises of all types to bid for grants which may be used to deliver public services to the community.

Applications for grant funding are invited from organisations that can work with the Council as trusted partners, who will help the council ensure that people using the island’s busiest beaches during the summer season are safe.

To download a copy of this Prospectus, click here. The closing date for bids was 17th December 2010

You can also visit our grant-making resource page for more information, by clicking here.


Prospectus: Sensory Impairment Services 2011-2014

The Isle of Wight Council and the NHS are looking for a trusted partner or partners from the voluntary, community and not for profit sector to help deliver services to people with a sensory impairment. 

The Prospectus offers grant funding to organisations that can help the Council ensure safe and fulfilling lives for people with sensory impairments. The grant funding is open to organisations that can provide support and care that will be influenced by service users and carers.

The Prospectus that invites bids and explains our objectives can downloaded by clicking here . The closing date for bids was 1st December 2010.

You can also visit our grant-making resource page, which can be found by clicking here.


Please contact with any views or observations that you have about our grant-funding arrangements or any of the tools and documents that you find here. This pilot project is an opportunity to develop a sustainable approach to all future grant funding and all views are welcome.



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