Here, you can find "Eco Island" - the Isle of Wight's Sustainable Community Strategy. This website explains Eco Island, displays promotional giveaway items and contains the detail behind why we have it and how it will work.

Eco Island is a broad based strategy for improving the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Island. The strategy will build stronger, healthier communities with more opportunities for people to be involved in local life.

If  you are looking for information about the Eco Island Partnership or Greenback card scheme, please visit their website here.

- View a foreword by the ISP Chair

Find out about the Isle of Wight Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • The Eco Island Vision

    The Island Strategic Partnership have developed a vision for the future. The vision is for a sustainable community that thrives amidst the natural beauty that surrounds us.

  • The Eco Island Values

    The Eco Island Vision has guiding values that reflect those of Island communities and businesses.

  • The ISP Priorities

    The Eco Island Vision can only be delivered if it is clear what are the Island's first priorities for change.

Get Involved

This Strategy is going to shape the Islands future,
so it will shape yours too. Why not get involved in
making Eco Island a reality for us and our children?

Its true that in many ways we can all get involved in
making our communities stronger, more
prosperous and sustainable.

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Case Studies - Building our Knowledge

Eco Island has taken a step forward with a groundbreaking new agreement between the IW Council and The University of Southampton. Find out more about this and recent case studies on reducing our ecological footprint.

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